Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hard Facts: Why Requirements Management Matters

"I think that it is an example of the procurement process gone amok. And we're going to have to fix it."
--President Barack Obama

In businesses all across the world, regardless of size, type or industry, the need for effective requirements management has never been more critical to ensuring project success. However, a surprising number of companies suffer from ineffective Requirements processes. Hear why requirements management really matters and how organizations are benefitting from an effective process. View solution demonstrations at DOORS and Rational Requirements Composer

IBM Rational DOORS Demo in HD 5:05

Brief abstract: IBM® Rational® DOORS® is a requirements management solution optimized for the needs of systems engineering, product development and enterprise I.T., with capabilities to capture, link, trace, analyze, and manage changes to requirements. View the demonstration to learn how IBM Rational DOORS not only enhances communication and collaboration through increased visibility of business objectives and technical specifications, but also ensures your projects conformance to customer requirements, and compliance with regulations and standards. Take a closer look at how DOORS can help you deliver exactly what you agreed to build, on time, and within budget.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bolden Talks About The Constellation Team & FY2011 NASA Budget

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden outlines the administrations fiscal year 2011 budget request as the agencys road map for a new era of innovation and discovery, and answers questions from reporters as the featured Newsmaker at the National Press Club in Washington Feb. 2