Friday, June 5, 2009

ALM Software Solutions for Green IT

Going green beyond the data center

Being a responsible corporate citizen today means more than reducing smokestack emissions and toxic waste. There must be a concerted effort to further reduce damaging carbon emissions throughout the enterprise. As such, visionary organizations are building a business case for using renewable energy sources for designing and producing energy efficient products. “Green” initiatives are being driven not only by the obvious threats to the environment and climate, but also by environmentally conscious customers who prefer to buy green products and do business with green manufacturers.

In pursuing “green IT,” technology organizations in particular have already made an excellent start with initiatives to more efficiently manage power and cooling in data centers. Again, visionary organizations in this sector are seeking to take green IT to a higher level as they pursue an environmentally conscious approach to managing software applications and the processes they support. This white paper will explore best practices for green IT and how Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) can help companies achieve green IT processes for software application management. It will discuss how IBM Rational provides integrated ALM and software delivery solutions that support green IT, including those offered through the Telelogic portfolio:
  • TelelogicŠ¾ System ArchitectŠ¾, which can help with green organizational transformation
  • Telelogic Rhapsody, which can assist you with supports green application development
  • Telelogic DOORS, which can aid in traceability to regulations to prove compliance
  • Telelogic Focal Point™, which can help you align business priorities with product and portfolio management
  • Telelogic Synergy™ and Telelogic Change™ which can help integrate your global systems development and change management
This paper will also illustrate the benefits of ALM solutions using examples of IBM customers who have successfully achieved green IT best practices.