Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rational Project Conductor

Collaborative project and resource management streamlined to improve project delivery
IBM Rational Project Conductor, formerly known as Rational Focal Point for Project Management is a project and resource management system optimized for software and systems delivery. Rational Project Conductor enables project and program managers to plan, schedule, and staff projects, with the right resources working on the right tasks. It provides management control and visibility over project status and progress, and serves as the central repository for project and program data.

Comprehensive project lifecyle management

  • Plan and define work to the required level of granularity: create programs, projects, sub-projects, iterations, summary tasks, and tasks. Add change requests, issues, and defects during execution.
  • Manage resources based on competency, cost, skills, and availability. Search and assign resources to tasks to ensure the best fit between the work and the resource
  • Schedule work while accounting for resource availability. Use dependencies, and constraints to build a realistic schedule that meets your delivery commitments.
  • Update projects through a direct feed from application lifecycle solutions, without requiring time and status reporting
  • Leverage the Jazz platform to coordinate and communicate project, task, and resource information.
  • Use reports to gain greater insight into different facets of projects and programs.